Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jesus Fact #51

Jesus Fact #51: Jesus wonders why people kept interrupting Obama's speech with applause...He gonna change the world...


  1. i seriously think that what you're doing is unappropriate i'm religious n it's not accaptable

  2. AT Mr. anonymous. I think what this guy is going is ethically wrong but as u can clearly see, its HIGHLY ACCEPTABLE!!!!
    I'm Christian too....but a LOGICAL one and over years i have learnt sumtin about how all these beliefs should be approached...."BY NOT APPROACHING IT"
    This guy has his beliefs and you have yours. Dont expect him to give up his beliefs for urs and he shudnt expect u to give up your beliefs for his. Whether you believe in God or NOT!! Thats irrrelevant! Whether you believe in Big Bang Theory or NOT...its irrelevent! Whether you think Jesus is an idiot or not...its IRRELEVANT!! Ppl are differents...and always will eb, so also are their beliefs. There'll never be similar beliefs!!!NEVER!! Get used to it!!! And ppl will make fun of ur beliefs, and u'll make fun of theirs. WHAT'S important is that we do good and act least ethics is a more central judgement of issues, religion and beliefs aside. So...Whether u're aetheist, or Christian or muslim....JUST BE BASICALLY GOOD!!! And the WORLD will move forward!!! If u have a problem wv what thisd guy writes..then bloody STOP reading it and pray for him. It hurts me that he's dissing Jesus but hey, remeber...Jesus has always been persecuted, this aint new to him. So play ur part in life as a christian and leave the rest!!! As Epictetus said "Some things are up to us, and some things are Not. Control what is up to u and don't try to control what is NOT up to u" Other people's belief can NEVER be up to you!!!
    Thank You!

  3. Learn to spell please. Thanks bye.

  4. Excellent site! I love your sense of humour.

    This may interest you:

    I believe Christianity is dead and Thelema has replaced it. Screw all these people who get offended by the wonderful content you put up here.

  5. I saw Jesus at sunday mass in Compton !!!

  6. I LOVE THE BIG BANG THEORY! well at least the show

  7. I will pray for all of you, and i hope to see you in heaven, i really do. Christianity is very much alive. thank you.

  8. I THINK that Jesus does like obama, well loves, but he loves everyone. Obama believes in things that arent good holy. Abortion is a big example. Do you think its okay to kill babies? i dont think so i think that they should be able to have a choice. But they dont have a voice. Think of this what if his mom, your mom,anyones mom had an abortion. Would you be here right now?

    And i dont think you have the right to say this. You dont know!

    Jesus loves everyone, he died for us.

    (see how i said I THINK.)

  9. @Anonymous: Do you think it's okay to stone your wife to death because you find out she's not a virgin? hmm..

    I agree with early stages of abortion, where the fetus hasn't fully formed. During the first and second trimesters, the "baby" cannot live outside of the womb. However, with a bit of aid, in the third trimester, the baby can live and still grow.