Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jesus Fact #48

Jesus Fact #48: Jesus spends church contemplating joining one of those black gospel churches... seems much more festive...


  1. hahah soo funnyy...
    Jesus is lovee & i dont care what anyone says.Chrsitians aren't faggotss.. were normal people who CHOSE to follow Christ. You don't see us making fun of your religion .. so why have a whole website about him? For a person who thinks he's not sure no alot about him :)

  2. its historical fact that he existed...

    what i want to know is who gives a shit? this is a dumb little website built to spark up controversy and get people to visit it to bitch about what he says, thus making him money off ads or links or some shit. move on with your lives people

  3. Shut the fuck up and don't visit the website if you don't like it. good work!